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4 Things to Look for When Buying a Couch in South Africa

Updated: Jan 17, 2023

We often get asked questions such as; what type of foam do you use? Or what type of wood is the frame made of? Is this leather? What is the guarantee? Although these are legitimate questions in the buying process, we sincerely urge consumers not to take the answer to these questions or claims for granted.

Firstly, most re-sellers have no clue of the material that are used in the manufacturing process and will simply answer with a satisfactory reply; something you as a customer want to hear.

Secondly, if sub-standard products were used in the manufacturing of the product, do you sincerely believe it will be disclosed it to you? Definitely not.

And finally, many terms used in the industry, such as "bonded leather", "high density foam" and "solid wood" have lost their meaning, and are used deliberately to miss-lead customers.

We have looked into the 4 main material that compose a couch to allow consumers to make an informed decision and avoid deception. There is lot to take into consideration and we have therefore decided to break it down into 4 different posts:

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