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Grey U-shape couch

AW1-5 U-shaped Couch


Refined L-Shaped Sectional


Elevate your living space with the Refined L-Shaped Sectional, the epitome of contemporary sophistication. This piece seamlessly combines luxurious aesthetics with everyday functionality, ensuring that your home becomes the ultimate relaxation haven.


Key Features:

  • Modern Contouring: Delicately designed to showcase a contemporary profile that seamlessly integrates with various interior décors.

  • Charcoal Hue: A rich, deep shade that not only exudes opulence but is versatile enough to complement any color scheme.

  • Expansive Seating: Generously spaced to accommodate both small and larger gatherings, ensuring everyone has a spot.

  • Inviting Chaise Segment: The perfect corner for stretching out after a long day or hosting movie nights.

  • Detailed Fabric Grain: Upon closer inspection, the grain of the fabric stands out, a testament to its premium quality and lasting durability.


Step into a realm of luxury, comfort, and modern elegance with the Refined L-Shaped Sectional. Experience the perfect union of design and utility.

  • Product Info

    Dimensions: 320*180cm

    Frame: SA pine; industrial grade; KILN dried

    Fabric: Embossed Micro-Suede 

    Foam: 5" inch, 26 density; medium hardness


    • All seat and back cushions are zipped and reversable; in case of stains, simply turn the cushion around.
    • The product is made of 3 pieces fitted with crocodile clips to keep the different units in place at all times.
    • The fabric has a luxurious look and feel. A micro-fiber suede that has a reinforced backing to add durability by preventing stretch.


    We recommend you use a fabric-protector, such as Master-Guard to protect your couch from stains.

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