Furniture Clearance... And Extraordinary Furniture Factory Shop

A bit of History:


Our factory store Furniture Clearance opened its door in 2013. Its main purpose at the time was to clear our end of range, excess and soiled stock. Our factory manufactures mainly couches but also wooden furniture such as plasma stands, coffee tables, bedroom and dining furniture.

The response from the local community was very good; customers in the area had been waiting for a furniture store that could offer good quality products at affordable prices. So, we eventually didn’t have enough clearance stock to offer and started dedicating part of our factory production to our store. Today our factory dedicates 90% of its output to supply our store and online orders.


We quickly realized that our customers were very keen to customize our products to fit their taste and the style of their existing furniture. We saw in this new trend an opportunity to differentiate ourselves from traditional retailers.

Who we are:


In 2015 the Clearance Centre became a factory shop; Customers were given the option to choose the fabric and colors of the furniture they intended to purchase; we then had less than 15 options on offer. Today our fabric collection comprises of over 100 different references; some of them exclusive to us. We are definitely not the only furniture store to give their customers this option, but we are surely the cheapest.

What makes us different from other on-line offering is that we have a physical store where our products can be viewed, tried and purchased. The efficiency of our operational model contributes largely in our low pricing strategy; any customised order is manufactured and delivered in less than a month.

What we stand for:

We continuously look to improve our product offering and service delivery while keeping our operational cost the lowest. Ratings on social platforms speak for themselves; we are proud to acknowledge that our customers love our products and appreciate our level of service.

We also have a very solid after sales service. Mistake do happen in the manufacturing environment and we own up to our guarantee commitment. Problems are quickly resolved to lessen the inconvenience. And that is the reason why we have decided to limit our deliveries in Gauteng only at this stage.